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Creating content for local Miami companies.

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The video above is a vlog style behind the scene look at the content we create for companies. In this particular case, we gather footage for both a Miami based A/C company and a local Hialeah Tattoo shop. The content will ultimately boost their social media feeds with fresh, original videos about their business practices.

Why make videos regularly? Well, its the only way to stay relevant in the fast-paced social media landscape. Staying top of mind and connected is more important now than ever. The approach is to advertise on personal and engaging platforms such as social media networks. Companies are going away from the old system of making one expensive piece of creative content per year and have adopted the idea of creating multiple campaigns with "SMART" goals year-round.

The awareness and exposure attained from being relevant on social media are extensive. If your brand is consistent with its content strategy, it will have an advantage over the competition that relies solely on older forms of advertising.

We would love to assist you in your content production journey. ReyFilm is located in Miami, Fl, but offers video production services throughout South Florida.


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