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Post-Production Services

You will need professional, fast, and expert post-production services for any video project. If the footage is the ingredient, then post-production is the cooking process. It blends all elements of your video into a cohesive and watchable structure consisting of polished audio, visual effects, voiceovers, soundtracks, and narrative. Post-production is by far, one of the most crucial phases of creating video media. We can supply professional and meticulously detailed post-production that will ensure you’re video renders out in perfect shape.

We will work closely with you to manage your post-production, giving professional advice, and consultation to ensure the perfect outcome for your project. We are ahead of the competition in terms of co-operation. We want you to feel secure knowing that your post-production phase will run smoothly and produce a video tailored to your needs and specifications. 

Professional post-production is always essential; whether you are a corporate entity looking to create a video for your home page, an industrial company seeking a product description video, or an entertainment producer creating a documentary.

We want you to have the best people on the job, and our team of specialist with diverse talent will provide just that.


Choose the best post-production team on the market

Our post-production service technicians are some of the best available. With us, you will always receive the height of professionalism and experience. We have video editors that will splice together every frame with care and diligence, VFX specialists that create magic on the screen and animators that will add graphics and color to your video. 

Our post-production is a complete service, covering everything you need to put your video together. We believe that a finished video is stronger when it is edited and formatted by top-tier craftsmen.

Video editing miami,, REY Productions LLC

Design your narrative and structure

While the narrative structure of your video will have been planned out before you shot your footage; the shots will not make a lick of sense until they go through the post-production process. This is where post-production services play a crucial role. Our expert editors will make sure the narrative and structure of your video flows seamlessly and has a cohesive storyline. The result is an engaged viewer that is more likely to view the video in its entirety. We want to tell your story the way it was meant to be told, and sharp editing guarantees that.

Don’t have the software? Let our experts handle it for you.

Post-production software is expensive, requiring license fees that could be unnecessary if you are completing a one-off project. Using our post-production services means you can save on those license fees and get experts to handle the process for you. We will be able to edit using all the latest software and technology, including Adobe Creative Suite, Protools, and Avid. 

When you use our post-production service, you will have the best individuals on the case armed with the newest technology and informed by years of experience. If you want professional, expert and detailed post-production, then get in contact today.

ReyFilm productions provide video editing services for the following types of projects:

TV Commercials

Corporate Videos

Music Videos

Brand Videos

Independent Films

Promo Videos


Viral Videos

Title Sequences

Pitch Videos

Movie Trailers

Web Commercials

Broadcast Promos

Concert Visuals

Social Media Videos

Event Recaps

ReyFilm offers a full range of video editing services, including:

Green Screen Keying


Color Correction

Surround Sound Mixing

3D Animation

Motion Graphics

Audio Mastering


Video Encoding

Sound Design


The Post-Production Breakdown

In post-production, the whole project comes together. During this phase, we edit the piece creating a timeline sequence where we label and organize all the footage and structure the sequences. Once satisfied with the results of the edit we have what is recognized as a picture lock. We proceed to the next step of VFX (visual effects) if your piece requires any graphics or visual effects, they will are added at this point. The following step is sound mixing and leveling; We mix and master sound effects, dialogue, and music to achieve an enjoyable auditive experience. Next up, color correction. We apply the desired color grade to produce a desirable look, mood, and tone. Color grading can be applied to individual clips, sequences, or the project as a whole. Finally, we render a polished video which includes the completed combinations of all the post-production stages.

Post-production workflow:

- First Cut

- Picture lock

- Visual Effects

- Sound Mixing

- Color Correction 

- Final Render

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