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Video Production Services

Reyfilm productions is a Miami based video production company.


We manage every aspect of video production, including development, physical production, and post-production stages.


At ReyFilm we have an arsenal of production gear at our disposal. Such as cinema cameras, industry sound recording devices, microphones, cranes, camera dolly, drones, camera stabilizers, reflectors, diffusers, an assortment of lighting which includes tungsten floodlights, LED's, HMI and plasma lights, and many more high-end production gear.

ReyFilm HMI Video lighting
ReyFilm On location - Miami Video Produc

Video Gear Break-down

Cinema Camera:

The camera is the focal point of your production. The camera we choose is dependent on the needs of the production. In some situations, a smaller lightweight camera can be most appropriate for run and gun shoots, and at other times a fully rigged studio camera is what the production requires. The main thing is to evaluate what will ultimately produce the best results. No one camera is ideal for all situations, so in most instances, we film with a variety of cameras to maximize results.

sound gear.jpg

Sound Gear:

Good sound is fundamental without clean, crisp sound your project will seem amateur. Our sound mixer is paranoid with recording the best audio possible meaning we protect ourselves by attaching lavaliers on the talent (speaker) and setting up a boom pole with a shotgun mic to grab a completely separate track of audio. Why a 2-way setup? Because from experience your first audio microphone can fail you. For example, a lavalier can pick up ruffling from being on the person's body so an overhead boom can guarantee your covered in all situations and under any condition. Below you will find four pieces of audio gear that should never be left behind.


Boom pole: The extendable pole that holds and lets you position your microphone within close range to the subject.


Shotgun microphone: This is a directional microphone designed to pick up sound only in the direction it is facing.


Lavalier microphones: These are wireless microphones great for recording subjects in movement. The set consists of a transmitter and receiver.


Field mixer/recorder: This piece of equipment records the audio in a low compression high bit-rate format great for post-production leveling and clean up.

arri film light #reyfilm



An excellent cinematographer understands the importance of proper lighting. Creating ambiance within a scene is mostly lighting manipulation. While light can be extremely complex, we will mainly break down the essential lighting set-up to achieve a great image, subject separation, and color in the picture.


Key Light:

The key light is the primary source of light within your scene. It should be the first light you set and work the others based on this light source. This light should be used to illuminate the on-screen talent. Depending on what your filming, you may want to play with the light and create angles as this add fall-off and dimension to the face and on the contrary if the session is for an interview, you could try using diffusion as to get a more soft even light source surrounding the subject.


Fill Light:


The fill light is intended to lift or fill the shadows created by the key light. Typically a fill light is placed opposite of the key light and at a lower intensity. A fill light can be achieved even without a traditional light by merely using a reflector to bounce some of the light onto your subject, reducing the shadows. The fact that using reflector produces a weaker light source is beneficial because the fill light should not produce any shadows of its own. Ideally, the fill light should have half the intensity of the key light.


Hair light (backlight):


The hair light is placed above and behind the actor to make them pop from the background and enhance depth and separation. A cinematographer uses light to create dimension in the picture without light manipulation the image would look flat. The backlight achieves this by creating shape via the light fall-off. Not utilizing a backlight would be rare observe any film and you will notice the rim of light that surround actors on film and television this halo is in part why this light is called a rim or hair light because it creates that shine on actors hair. One of the best backlights available is the sun. When shooting exteriors, the sun can create a beautiful rim around the subject, and with the use of a reflector, we can lift and adequately expose the face.

Reyfilm setting up film lighting.
Preparig the production. Adjusting camera and lighting.

We have a talented video production crew capable of maximizing each piece of equipment.






Location Scouts

Casting Directors


Hair & Makeup

Wardrobe Stylist

The team at ReyFilm, video production agency, consist of talented artists and technicians with diverse talent in the fields of television, narrative film making, social media, creative advertising, corporate event videos, music videos, documentaries, and much more.


We use the staff and resources that best suit the needs of a project. The approach is to create a cohesive team that strives and maximizes creative possibilities. Our producers handle all of the projects logistical intricacies, including shooting schedules, film permits, equipment, insurance, and craft services, leaving our creative team with only the task of producing fantastic content.


Reyfilm provides video production services for projects such as:

TV Commercials

Music Videos

Independent Films


Title Sequences

Movie Trailers

Stereoscopic 3D

Corporate Videos

Brand Videos

Promo Videos

Viral Videos

Pitch Videos

Web Commercials

Concert Visuals

What budgets do we work with? 

All budgets. We offer video production services specifically tailored for each client. If all you need is one camera operator and a set of lights, that's all you would get charged for.


What services do we offer?

A-Z video production services. Everything from initial concept building to the final polished, edited video. We can also get involved at any stage of the production.




What to expect from us:


  • A cinematic production and engaging final video.


  • A well prepared and organized video production crew. 


  • A company that loves the grind of production.


  • A production agency that values customer satisfaction.



Regardless of the complexity of your shoot ReyFilm will work alongside you, ensuring an enjoyable and fruitful filming experience. Most importantly, by working with us, you can count on a final product that will exceed expectations.


If you need a team of professionals to take your video productions to the next level, give us a call today 305-528-0895 or visit our contact page and leave us a message.

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

ReyFilm On location - Miami Video Produc
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