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Video Services List

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Animated videos:​

Videos created in 2D or 3D software. Software used to develop Maya, Blender, Cinema4d, After Effects, Adobe animate

B2B videos:

Videos provided for other companies, more often corporate videos such as safety and instructional productions.

Behind the scenes video:

Behind the scenes, video productions cover an event, artist, or company through backstage access. Our videographer will capture the events happening within closed doors. The best bits get edited into a story-line that provides value and entertainment. 

Branded content:

Our team will film a promo video for your brand. The goal of production is to exhibit the values of your company. Think filmmaking since ultimately this is what we're producing; a film centered around your brand. This piece will have a narrative, the main character (your brand), goals and obstacles, and finally, a climax and a resolution.

Case study videos:

The footage is recorded over a length of time to highlight the development/evolution of a person, group, or situation.

CEO Profile Video:

At ReyFilm, we have produced content for highly reputable brands and scores of entrepreneurs.

Commercial Video Productions:

Professionally shot commercials for web or t.v. We can assist in all aspects of the production from the initial scripting, casting, scouting, production, to the edit of the material shot.

Concept Development:

Not sure how to develop a video project from the initial stages? Not a problem we can help.

Corporate events:

Capture events on film, such as launch parties, product releases, grand openings, and more

Corporate Videos:

ReyFilm creates engaging corporate videos for a wide range of companies.

Crowdfunding videos:

If you need funding and already have a product or service to display, then we provide the video expertise to highlight the qualities within your service or product. Using proper imagery and broadcast quality sound you can make a strong case for why someone should invest in you.

Documentary films:

Have a story to tell? Need to shine a light on a particular subject? Enough said lets document.

Depositions video:

Video production tailored to the needs of law firms.​

Explainer videos:

A how-to of sorts, these types of videos could be useful for companies looking to educate their customers over the proper use of their products. For example, we are hired by a clinic to record detailed videos that instruct their customers on self-injection, through a video they can educate all their patients at once. The video is particularly useful for non-local patients.

Fashion videos:

Glamour projects, which require specialized expertise in aesthetics, composition, framing, color, lighting. 

Highlight reels:

Highlight reel video is highly popular, and an assortment of industries, including athletics, uses highlights videos. A highlight reel comes to life in the editing room as we trim all the fat and create a montage of the best bits.

How-to videos:

How-to videos are a quick visual way of teaching through the use of video. The on-screen talent demonstrates the correct way to perform the task or proper usage of a product. It is also a great tool to highlight product functions and features. 

Instructional video:

Similar to how-to, but we incorporate graphics and text to go along with the video to provide another source of information.

Investor relations video:

These videos include an assortment of data to inform the current state of the company. Here you will find everything from a companies latest products, recent awards and accolades, future concepts, financials, and sponsorship, among other things.


Interview Video:

Got a message you need to spread. Lets set up an interview-style shooting session. 

Live event videography:

When one-shot is all you have, you need to get it right the first time. Video production services for live events.

Live streaming videos:

Need your message out instantly? Let's set it up.

Law firm videos:

Reyfilm video productions offer tailored law firm videos produced to provide specific results and conversions for law firms. We create videos with clear objectives that drive specific and measurable results. 

Music video productions:

High concept music videos, state of the art equipment, Beautiful Miami FL. Recipe for success.


Non-corporate events:

Parties of any kind, baby showers, weddings, gender reveals, bachelor, and more. We have a special crew just for these.

Product launch and demo videos:

Video production services to highlight your product. If your product launch is coming up and you don't document the event, you are missing out. The event might be a one-time thing, but the content produced from the event can bring your company buzz and awareness for months.

Political campaign videos:

We offer video production packages for politicians and marketing services to aid in their campaigns. Services include high-resolution photos and videos of live events, as well as staged photos and scripted video commercials. We can produce all the necessary video content to inform and educate audiences while highlighting a politician's views and values.

Real estate videos:

Need to highlight a property, surrounding areas, and the overall feel and selling points of a home and neighborhood? We can do it, aerial footage available upon request.

Restaurant Video Marketing:

We film highly optimized gastronomic videos designed to get viewers to visit your restaurant.

Social Marketing Videos:

Fast & dynamic 30 to 60-second videos which highlight through cinematic visuals and graphics what your company is all about.

Sports Videos & Highlight Videos:

Serving athletes from little league to the college ranks. Please contact us If you wish to have a game covered in its entirety or edited into the best plays highlight reel.

Trade show videos:

Attending a trade show? Keep the fire going after the event has concluded. We can document the experience and edit a cinematic promo video of your event.

Training videos:

Let's create one video that trains millions. Work smart, not hard. We can help.

T.V. Commercials:

Professionally shot broadcast-ready TV commercials.

Video Editing:

Digital video editing consists of multiple stages of post-production which include video editing, color grading, and audio mixing.

Videography Services:

We offer premium videography services to the South Florida market with as little as 24-hours notice. 

Web Videos:

Do you have a concept for a web video but don't know how to materialize it? Allow us to step in; we are proficient in the areas of developing a concept/idea into a properly structured script. We then take this script and dissect it word by word as we line the text marking it for coverage. Once the script is lined properly, we proceed to use this information as the basis for our shot-list, which contains the entire script in a shot by shot layout. This pre-production serves as our initial blueprint for production and the stages to come. Let us help you along every step of the production process.

Wedding Videos:

Do you need cinematic wedding videography? Great! Our approach is to capture all the beautiful moments as they occur from the initial preparation to the last kiss.